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Class Length: 2 Days

Retail Price: $500

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You can learn from work, home, or here at Computer Tutors. On days that this class is scheduled, you have the option to join us using Microsoft Teams.

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At the conclusion of this course, a student will have basic skills using HTML & CSS.  The student will be able to create a locally working website.  This includes the following: creating HTML documents, adding in content, and styling with CSS.

Day 1 Day 2
What HTML Is/Does What CSS Is/Does
HTML Document Structure Selectors, Properties
HTML Tags/Elements Rules, Backgrounds
Paragraphs, Headings, Breaks Box Model
HTML Block Elements Page Layout
Character Styles Pseudo Classes for Interactivity

This course is designed for students who have little or no experience using Hyper Text Markup Language or Cascading Style Sheets for creating and styling web pages.

No prerequisites are necessary for this training.