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Class Length: 3 Days

Retail Price: $750

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You can learn from work, home, or here at Computer Tutors. On days that this class is scheduled, you have the option to join us using Microsoft Teams.

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Upon completion of this class, students will be able used tools and techniques to hack computer equipment.  The focus of the class is not just to learn some of the methods of hacking but rather to use the skills learned to prevent attacks against computer equipment

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Florida Law on Cyber Security Capture frames using WireShark Network Attacks
Recon and Footprinting Tools in Kali Linux Wireless Attacks
Password Cracking Metasploit to build a Reverse-Shell AirCrack-ng
Enumeration Build a Hacking Computer Building an Evil Twin
Physical hack of a Computer Lab 2 Hack a Target Server

This class focuses on Hacking & Counter-Measures tools used to compromise computer equipment.

Students are expected to have completed the Networking & TCP/IP classes.  Students with working knowledge of networking are also encouraged to attend.