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Class Length: 2 Days

Retail Price: $300

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At the conclusion of this course, a student will have experience with much of the advanced functionality of Excel.  The student will be able to create dynamic tables and charts that can summarize complex data.  They will also have experience with using multiple functions working together, using functions to find data, more advanced filtering techniques, and working with the date & time data formats in Excel.

Day 1 Day 2
Linking Data What If Analysis: Goal Seek, Scenarios, & Data Tables
Special Text Functions If & Other Logical Functions
Nesting Functions Lookup Functions
Consolidating & Combining Data Advanced Filtering & Wildcards
Pivot Tables, Slicers, & Charts Date & Time Functions
Arrays Document Protection & Macros

This course is designed for students who are comfortable using Microsoft Excel version 2010 or newer to analyze and visualize data.

It is recommended that the student have experience with functions, charts, tables, etc. of in Excel or has completed the Excel Power User course.